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Our Large Format Printing Just Got “Turned Up to 11” with our newest baby:  The HP Latex R2000 Plus Printer.

This is a very exciting day!  Our new HP R2000 Latex printer now allows us to provide higher quality, brighter colors, and rigid and flexible products up to 98 inches.  She is a beautiful beast:

Achieve amazing colors on both rigid and flexible

With the new HP Latex R Printer Series, we can transform any rigid or flexible substrate with amazing colors.  And with new vibrant HP Latex color gamut on rigid, we can now transform new substrates.

Expand your brand with the glossiest white

Whites that fade to yellow are becoming a thing of the past with white HP Latex Ink, an industry breakthrough. We can transform your business all while adding value to new extensions of your brand. That includes the glossiest of whites on new substrates like wood and acrylic.

Printing Specifications

Rigid Printing

Max Width: 2.5 m (98.4 in) wide boards

Flexible Printing

Max Width: 2.5 m (98.4 in) wide rolls

Max Weight: 100 kg (220.4 lb) rolls


Indoor Production (6 Pass, 100%): 43 m22/hr – (463ft2/hr) – 14 boards/hr

Outdoor Production (3 Pass, 70%): 86 m22/hr (926 ft2/hr) – 28 boards/hr

What Can We Do For You?

We are already running new and creative large format jobs on this beauty of a beast.  What projects do you have in mind?  We would love to help you brainstorm the next big thing! Let us know.

How Will You Put Us To Work?

Masoud Nikravan

Masoud was born in Iran to a German mother and Iranian father. He began his career as a commercial airline pilot during the glamorous “Catch Me If You Can” days of the airline industry. After moving to the United States, he learned about printing from the ground up by taking an entry level job at a small mom and pop print shop and learning how to do every position. Since then, he started his own company and has grown it so that he can provide clients a full array of printing services including wide format, offset, digital, die cutting, etc.