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Outdoor signage needs to be dynamic, but not be cost-prohibitive!

Vinyl banners are often a great way to provide the public with good working knowledge of what’s happening inside your business.  They can be swapped out as often as you like, and can be re-used year, after year.  We love working with the Center Theatre Group on all of their projects, big and small.  These beauties are some of our faves as we can see them POP as we drive through Culver City around the Kirk Douglas Theatre.


Process CMYK


18 oz. Banner Vinyl


3 Panels

66 x 177” double sided with pole pockets top and bottom for easy installation and removal.


Sales Rep: Firo Nikravan

Bright Colors Make the images pop and visible to drivers who pass by
Finishing designed to make “pole pockets” for easy installation and removal.
Multiple panels from our large format printers make these easy to create and revise for different purposes.
Firo Nikravan

Firo is a daredevil at heart. Her past times have included acrobatics on a flying trapeze and jumping out of airplanes. When she’s not risking her life or playing with her granddaughter, you will find her overseeing the day to day operations of Classic Litho and attending to her clients' needs. She is the heart of the company and clients and employees appreciate the dedication and creativity she brings to them.