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Pepperdine University had a unique challenge – advertise their programs, but let’s not hang banners!

College campus architecture is one of my favorite things.  Each building, on every campus, is so special and striking.  Events, and more specifically, advertisements of events, can often be distracting additions to that well known landscape.  Pepperdine University‘s Odell McConnell Law Center at the Caruso School of Law offers a unique entry way with non traditional glass panes as it’s main entry way.  With a creative use of photography and more traditional window installations, their Campus Life Project became center stage supported by the architecture rather than distracting from it.


4 Color Process


3M IJ40 Vinyl with Matte Lamination


Trim and Custom Installation


Sales Rep: Darioush Nikravan

Project Manager: Bill Obr

Creative photography with vivid colors!
Traditional window laminates act as bookends to doorway.
Careful trimming and custom installation is required to make it all work!
Darioush Nikravan

Darioush started his career in the printing industry straight out of college by working as a sales person for PrimeSource (now Fuji). Darioush once considered pursuing a career in rap music but chose to get his MBA from Pepperdine University and joined Classic Litho shortly thereafter. Darioush has never regretted his choice. He still loves rap music and will argue the merits of West Coast rap over East Coast.