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FLORA, the new art mural by Laura Hull, lines the new walkway connecting terminal 1 and 2 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and we can’t wait for you to see it!

FLORA at LAX: An Art Mural the Size of Half A Football Field

Art is at the heart of everything we do here at Classic Litho.  Bringing to life an artist’s vision makes our day.  We are in the business of curating ideas into tangible, tactile experiences.  Recently, this is best exemplified by the new public art mural at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  The walkway connecting Terminals 1 & 2 is now adorned with the beautiful imagery of acclaimed artist Laura Hull.

We were proud to work with Laura in bringing her award winning art into the physical world.  Laura won the commission by the Los Angeles World Aiports (LAWA) and has created a fully immersive experience spanning the entire hallway, floor to ceiling. The image is a multi-layered and highly manipulated photo of Jacaranda blossoms and St Catherine’s Lace. The two botanicals, one native and one imported, mimic the multi-cultural makeup of Los Angeles.

Our digital artists and pre-press professionals worked closely with Laura in scaling and expanding her artwork to a printable piece that expands a length greater than that of a football field.  It took time and great care to ensure Laura’s vision was matching the end result.  Color correction, proper scaling of patterns and pixels, and a craftsman-style installation in the wee hours of the night resulted in a larger-than-life human experience.

After installation was complete, Laura sent us this brief note:

“Thank you!! Wow, how great to finally see an image that was on my computer screen for the last year finally make it big, and this is wholly due to all the talent and care at Classic Litho.  The printing of the mural was impeccable, truly, and the install amazingly well done, and with such speed!

I am incredibly grateful to everyone. It has been a remarkable experience working with all of you. I normally am in my studio working alone on my artwork. This team experience was not only expansive but truly addicting…I want to do this again! I even received praise from LAWA on my ‘team’.”

We couldn’t be happier for Laura.  It truly is a beautiful experience walking through that corridor and I hope you get to view it sometime soon if you ever find yourself in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 at LAX.

The final product used 6-color latex inks printed on our Large Format HP Latex R2000 printer.  All told, the walls are 12 ft high and 155 feet long…. about 50 meters!

Details & Specifications


Laura Hull, Artist
Fine Art


3M Envision Print Wrap Film LX480mC 60″

3M Envision Wrap Overlaminates 8550M 60″ matte lamination


6-color Latex Inks via Large Format Printer


Hand Trimmed to specific installation size, and installed directly by Classic Litho installation team coordinating with LAX security in off-hours.


Project Lead: Ricky Hammock

Sales Rep & Contact: Masoud Nikravan

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