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A suite of print collateral to compliment a guest’s experience at the Terranea Resort.

This suite of publications included a key card holder, mini brochure to display guest amenities, and a larger booklet to describe the activities at the resort.  The goal of the piece was to replicate the colors and feelings of a waterfront resort while also maintaining a sense of authenticity with paper choice.


Process CMYK with UV


Cover: Pacesetter 80# High Bright Opaque Cover

Guts: Pacesetter 80# High Bright Opaque Text


Score cover, fold guts, gather, saddlestitch 5.5” & trim 8.5” x 5.5”


Sales Rep: Darioush Nikravan
Project Manager: Bill Obr

Matching Key Card with Mini-Brochure
Brochure for Hotel Activities
Colors and textures to evoke the feelings of the coast
Darioush Nikravan

Darioush started his career in the printing industry straight out of college by working as a sales person for PrimeSource (now Fuji). Darioush once considered pursuing a career in rap music but chose to get his MBA from Pepperdine University and joined Classic Litho shortly thereafter. Darioush has never regretted his choice. He still loves rap music and will argue the merits of West Coast rap over East Coast.