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Dishzilla wanted a unique sign that wasn’t just a sign.

Many of our clients think of us for small print jobs (business cards, flyers, etc).  Thankfully, Dishzilla knew we can deliver almost anything you can think of when it comes to promoting your brand.  This beauty used the magic of our Zund cutter and sits on a gorgeous LED base for maximum WOW factor.


1″ Thick Clear Acrylic


Finished on our Zund with a 45 degree deep Etching Routing Bit. Edges were Hard Sanded to give the effect of edge lighting.


Project Manager: Ray Rodriguez

Hard Sanded Edges for lighting effect
2 Hours on our Zund to get this look!
Beautiful LED Light Base
Ricky Hammock

Ricky was born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in Southern California. He’s been in the printing industry for over 35 years. On the weekends, you can find him playing in one of his many 80s cover bands or at the local skate park. Ricky is responsible for all aspects of production at Classic Litho. His experience and expertise provides clients with creative, cost-effective production methods to help them turn their ideas into reality.