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Life-size prints on to corrugate make for simple, but vibrant in-store displays for the Empire… just be on the lookout for the Resistance!

Coca Cola makes another appearance in our gallery of in-store retail displays, and this time its from a Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

This life-size standee is simple but pops with vibrant colors as we implement our skills in large format printing direct to substrate, precision CAD cut via our Zund cutter, and attach the custom double-wing easel.  Every part of this standee is designed for easy, and flat portability to store locations.  For displays, all items unfold and pop-into place for sturdy standing.

Although we can’t yet visit Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland (the specific point of this promotional standee), we can feel a little closer to that remote outpost via these vivid and striking colors in life size form.

Details & Specifications


KEMI / Plain B-Flute Kraft Corrugate


Digital Process Inks (1-side)


Direct print onto the substrate material.  A custom, precision CAD cut via our Zund cutter.  We then attached a custom designed double-wing easel.  Folded flat and poly bagged for delivery.


Contact: Masoud Nikravan

Project Manager: Crisitian Salgado

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Masoud Nikravan

Masoud was born in Iran to a German mother and Iranian father. He began his career as a commercial airline pilot during the glamorous “Catch Me If You Can” days of the airline industry. After moving to the United States, he learned about printing from the ground up by taking an entry level job at a small mom and pop print shop and learning how to do every position. Since then, he started his own company and has grown it so that he can provide clients a full array of printing services including wide format, offset, digital, die cutting, etc.