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Beauty Products need simple, reliable packaging that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Sorme Cosmetics worked with us on their recent Refinee Skn Care product box.  Their brand is all about the fusion of science and ancient botanicals. Fittingly, their packaging called out the colors of the natural world, but also relayed a sense of modern technology.  Simple, cost effective, and ultimately purpose driven toward the consumer.


PMS 418 & 5777


15 pt. C1S SBS


Die cut, fold and glue


Sales Rep: Darioush Nikravan
Project Manager: Bill Obr

Trimmed Scored and Glued… and ready for the shelves!
Specialty Die Cut
C1S keeps it all blank on the inside.
Darioush Nikravan

Darioush started his career in the printing industry straight out of college by working as a sales person for PrimeSource (now Fuji). Darioush once considered pursuing a career in rap music but chose to get his MBA from Pepperdine University and joined Classic Litho shortly thereafter. Darioush has never regretted his choice. He still loves rap music and will argue the merits of West Coast rap over East Coast.