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2 Types of Custom Face Shields Can Help Protect You, Your Employees, and your Customers.

We are incredibly excited to announce our new ability to provide important Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Face Shields.  In fact, two types of face shields that are ready for order as of today!

Our suppliers as well as our production facility is ready to meet your needs… and, with style!  We have created 2 types of Face Shields.

Style 1 is is designed for multiple uses.  It is made of 12 mil clear plastic that can be flipped up and down as needed.  The attaching strap also includes foam padding along the forehead for comfort and prolonged usage as well as velcro attachments on the back for easy opening and closing.

Style 2 is meant for quick and disposable use.  It is made of 5 mil clear plastic with a slotted white plastic strap to attach in the back.

Both Face Shield styles can be imprinted with logos, branding, or other personalization elements.

We are all in this together.  With increased access to PPE such as this, we hope we can help all of us get back to normal as soon as possible.


Custom printing is available in any inks for logos, branding and other personalization.


Style 1: 12 mil plastic

Style 2: 5 mil plastic


Style 1: Foam Padding along forehead with velcro straps on the back for easy opening and closing

Style 2: Slotted white plastic strap


Sales Rep: Masoud Nikravan

PPE Ordering

If you are interested in ordering our face shields as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your company, please fill out this quick form and indicate which style and quantity you prefer:

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