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St. Regis is a luxury brand that demands high-end looks and feels.  Our All-In-House Packaging systems are now proudly part of that process (and it smells great, too!).

The feeling of a luxurious hotel is something you know just by reading this sentence.  The air, the furniture, the meticulous attention to detail, the service… the environment overall is velvet-like. If you’ve stayed at a St. Regis in the past few years, then you’ll recognize this as the hotel’s signature lobby scent. Arquiste designed it as an homage to Caroline Astor’s (the hotel’s matriarch) grand 400-person shindigs during the gilded age. These events were typically decked out in flowers, hence this scent’s notes of rose, green stem, white lilies, and cherry blossoms.

Our friends and partners at Modern Candle trusted us to deliver the same luxury experience for their packaging.  When you feel the textured material and absorb the gold foil printing, you know what you are getting: luxury.

This project included the overall packaging as well as the custom inserts to hold the product in place.

Details & Specifications


130 lb Classic Techweave Cover in Epic Black.

This provides for a super luxurious feel with a quality weight.


Gold Foil Stamp


Die Cut, Fold, and Glue


Masoud Nikravan & Bill Obr

Can We Help With Packaging?

We are excited to provide new quotes for any projects you have in the pipeline.  From small products, to custom insert-trays – we can do it all in-house.  Let us know!

Masoud Nikravan

Masoud was born in Iran to a German mother and Iranian father. He began his career as a commercial airline pilot during the glamorous “Catch Me If You Can” days of the airline industry. After moving to the United States, he learned about printing from the ground up by taking an entry level job at a small mom and pop print shop and learning how to do every position. Since then, he started his own company and has grown it so that he can provide clients a full array of printing services including wide format, offset, digital, die cutting, etc.