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This giant Point of Purchase (POP) display is light, mobile, and makes a big impact with vibrant colors to make your next convention or display the best it can be.

Weckerle Cosmetics is a fascinating and impressive company in the beauty industry with the full supply chain of formula and packaging development, production and process engineering under one roof which gives them a distinct advantage. They offer streamlined solutions and be your efficient partner in launching any color cosmetic product.  Plus, their US based headquarters make for great business neighbors here in Torrance!

This Dye Sublimation print on the Celtic Light stretch fabric over a moveable frame creates for a semi-permanent and mobile POP display.  Weckerle’s vibrant colors for their latest product launch jumps off the fabric and makes for a thrilling customer experience in retail or convention environments.

After our dye sublimation printing, we cut the fabric and finished using a pillow-case style to slip on and off the frame with ease.

Dye Sublimation printing for dramatic, vibrant, and long lasting colors
Mobile Frame allows for easy-up installation
Pillowcase finishing makes installation simple and clean

Details & Specifications


Celtic Light Stretchable Fabric


Dye Sublimation


120″ x 96″ Display.

Custom cut and pillow case finish for easy installation and removal.


Project Manager: Ray Rodriguez

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Masoud Nikravan

Masoud was born in Iran to a German mother and Iranian father. He began his career as a commercial airline pilot during the glamorous “Catch Me If You Can” days of the airline industry. After moving to the United States, he learned about printing from the ground up by taking an entry level job at a small mom and pop print shop and learning how to do every position. Since then, he started his own company and has grown it so that he can provide clients a full array of printing services including wide format, offset, digital, die cutting, etc.