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Texture, look, and colors all help to contribute to this Spa Brochure in a way only the Majorelle knows how.

We love this piece.  While it may just be a simple 16 page brochure, it uses colors, and texture techniques to push the brand and experience of the Majorelle Spa into the hands of the prospective client.  If you’re ever in Santa Barbara, check out the Majorelle Spa in the Hotel Californian.


Process CMYK with PMS


Cover – 130# Classic Crest Cover Cobalt Blue

Text – 100# Classic Crest text, Avon Brilliant White


Silver and clear foil stamp, die cut, fold, glue and saddlestitch


Sales Rep: Firo Nikravan
Project Manager: Bill Obr

Cobalt Blue Paper as cover makes a bold statement
Combination of Clear and Silver Foil Stamp on the blue paper is much more elegant than ink.
Fantastic carry over of details from cover with PMS callout to match paper cover
Firo Nikravan

Firo is a daredevil at heart. Her past times have included acrobatics on a flying trapeze and jumping out of airplanes. When she’s not risking her life or playing with her granddaughter, you will find her overseeing the day to day operations of Classic Litho and attending to her clients' needs. She is the heart of the company and clients and employees appreciate the dedication and creativity she brings to them.