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Red Bull relies on us to help them deliver a luxury experience for their clients… and we are happy to deliver this beauty!

We love our relationship with Red Bull.  Our friends and partners there help us to stretch our imagination on what is possible, and we always leave each project feeling fulfilled.  This luxury box is no different.

Red Bull came to us with an assignment: Design and deliver a luxury experience for their top-tier clients while helping to further promote and enforce the Red Bull brand.  After multiple rounds of iteration, we were excited to deliver 2 experiences.  A fancy, beverage delivery service encased in brown leather, and a custom speaker box container in gray leather.

Our brown leather beverage box is highlighted by gold foil to enforce the Red Bull logo and brand.  The customer experience harkens back to turn of the century ocean liners, large trunks, and pull drawers.  When amazon delivers everything in cardboard these days, this tactile experience of leather, gold, and pull drawers sets the stage for a unique experience, regardless of what’s inside.  But even upon opening, it never disappoints with custom designed foam inserts to deliver the beverage experience unscathed.

The clamshell speaker box design in grey leather is also adorned with black foil to enforce the Red Bull Records logo and brand.  Opening the box reveals the speaker inside a rich feeling, black flocked interior.  Not only does the speaker stay safe in shipping, it presents itself dressed in quality.

Details & Specifications


Red Bull


Brown Leather & Gray Leather


Gold and Black Foil


Drawer style box with ribbon pull and custom foam inserts.

Clamshell speaker box with black flocked interior and magnetic closures.


Contact: Darioush Nikravan

Project Design & Implementation: Ricky Hammock

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Darioush Nikravan

Darioush started his career in the printing industry straight out of college by working as a sales person for PrimeSource (now Fuji). Darioush once considered pursuing a career in rap music but chose to get his MBA from Pepperdine University and joined Classic Litho shortly thereafter. Darioush has never regretted his choice. He still loves rap music and will argue the merits of West Coast rap over East Coast.