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Invitations and Greeting Cards are often thought of as passé, but not in this house!  Our friends at City of Hope agree and came to us with beautiful designs all for the purpose of developing a high-end set of cards to celebrate their end of the year.

The secret to producing high-end greeting cards that create a sense of care and value starts with choosing the best and most appropriate paper stock.  With City of Hope, we started with an impressive, festive design that celebrated the end of the year with both a winter-y and holiday flair.  By using a stronger, cover stock with a “shine pearl” treatment it created an added layer of festive, snow-like feelings.

The design was further enhanced by adding 2 unique foils to the printing process that added a shimmer and depth to the coloring.  Finally, while we could’ve stopped there, we created custom blind emboss on both the outside and inside of  the card creating a 3rd dimension of texture and depth for the snowflake elements.

We finalized the design by using a complementary shine pearl stock for the matching envelopes (not pictured).  Our largest point of pride beyond the beauty and quality of the end result is the speed in which we processed and delivered this project…. got it all done in about a week!

Details & Specifications


Card – 107# Cover Shine Pearl Digital

Envelope – 80# Text Shine Pearl


Card – 4/4 – CMYK Process + 2 Foils + Blind emboss

Envelope – 2 Foils + Blind emboss


Blue Foil, Silver foil and Blind emboss on outside and inside.


Project Manager: Preeth Perera

Sales Rep & Contact: Masoud Nikravan

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Masoud Nikravan

Masoud was born in Iran to a German mother and Iranian father. He began his career as a commercial airline pilot during the glamorous “Catch Me If You Can” days of the airline industry. After moving to the United States, he learned about printing from the ground up by taking an entry level job at a small mom and pop print shop and learning how to do every position. Since then, he started his own company and has grown it so that he can provide clients a full array of printing services including wide format, offset, digital, die cutting, etc.