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Corrugated boxes can be used for so many products.  We often take for granted that cardboard material as it arrives via Amazon or UPS – but imagine what you can do by printing on it…. Need inspiration?  Cue the cannabis-infused-sparkling-water Pizza Box!

They reached out at 4:20pm with an idea:  Pizza Boxes.

Our friends at Sweet Flower had a brilliant idea for an event: Custom Printed Pizza Boxes for brand/product promotion of the new Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops.  This new, cannabis-infused sparkling water is an innovative new beverage that is blazing a new trail in the craft brew industry.

As a company, Lagunitas is known for their bright, vivid colors, as well as their sense of humor.  Classic pizza box structures, with inserted butcher paper allowed for the branding and visuals to come through using our HP R2000 Large Format Printer.  It was a perfect option to run what would typically require a large quantity – but our shop was able to make this efficient and short run creating a little over 200 boxes and delivered quickly.

Anyone else got the munchies?

Details & Specifications


B-Flute 200# Kemi over Kraft


4/0 – CMYK Process


Custom Zund Cut to create pop-up folding structure to create the box.


Project Manager: Bill Bardes

Sales Rep & Contact: Darioush Nikravan

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Darioush Nikravan

Darioush started his career in the printing industry straight out of college by working as a sales person for PrimeSource (now Fuji). Darioush once considered pursuing a career in rap music but chose to get his MBA from Pepperdine University and joined Classic Litho shortly thereafter. Darioush has never regretted his choice. He still loves rap music and will argue the merits of West Coast rap over East Coast.